As everyone knows, networking is very important for any business. Both on and off line networking will bring an audience and following into your business. This new digital word we live in allows for extreme versatility and mobility for businesses. How can you maximize that?

Online Branding

First and most importantly your website must showcase your branding, your unique experience =. From colors to logos, slogans to business keywords, and everything in-between. All of your online profiles must be branded as well. There are so many opportunities to get your message out there, don’t miss any.

  • Facebook: Think colors, slogans and items that make you unforgettable. Don’t forget about applications to add more functionality, YouTube videos, opt in pages, etc.
  • Twitter: Add a custom background and header. You only get one first impression, make the most of it. Consider creating a hashtag for your business. Use it in your tips, business news and any other items you want tied to your business. People can then track everything related to your business with one easy hashtag.
  • LinkedIn: Show your expertise, shine bright…don’t be shy. Include links to your blog and other relevant media adding more quality to your profile.

Offline Branding

Always be ready to answer the question, “What do you do for a living?” You never know when an elevator ride or a playground will be the host of a great business connection.

  • Talk in understanding terms. Talk in a manor everyone outside your expertise will understand. Don’t use industry jargon they may not be familiar with.
  • Talk slowly. Your excited I know, but they need hear everything you’re saying.
  • Be interactive. By engaging with them you’re opening up the opportunity for to say ‘oh ya I know how that feels’ or ‘yes I wish I had the time for that’. This is your chance to give more information.
  • Talk benefits not processes. People don’t want to hear about how you do what you do, instead they want to know how it will help them.

Take the business you love with you everywhere, on and off line. You never know when your next client is going to be at the coffee shop or on Twitter. Be ready for them with open, and kind words that represent you and your brand. Be passionate but give them a chance to talk too. Have fun and build your brand recognition.