How many emails a day do you personally send in a day? More than you’d like to admit maybe 😉 As business owners email is one of our life lines. We spend much of our time in email, why not put it to work for you? That’s where your email signature comes in, it’s like a treasure box waiting to be opened.

A signature is placed at the end of emails you sent. Most often people use this to simply to state their name and title. Think about the possibilities if you had an automated system to share your newest blog, your Facebook Page or current promotion. How could this impact your business?

Moral of the story, every business owner should have an email signature. I say why not take that to the next level with an optimized and preferably automated solution that drives tangible actions.

If not setup correctly your signature may be ignored completely! You’ve seen those signatures that could take up an entire web page on their own, ya we all skip those. The good news is you can avoid this with a great set up. I have a few general rules to follow when setting up your signature for best results:

  • Keep it short, no more than 3 or 4 lines
  • Give something of value, like your latest blog post
  • Add your photo or a company logo, this can be placed to the side of your text
  • Include a current promotion. I like to do this with a nice clickable graphic…nothing huge!

Now, you don’t want your signature to go stale. Keep it updated regularly – with promotions, seasons, events, new content have fun. This is where a good graphic comes into play. If you make small, subtle changes no one will notice. Now if you have a beautiful graphic (made with Canva or similar tool) that is distinctively different people will notice and they will want to see what you’re up to. And voila… you have increased your track with every email you send…

I use a simple tool to make all this email signature magic, it’s called WiseStamp. It’s very easy to use and works with many email platforms. Here’s some how to videos on this tool so you can jump right in and put it to work!

What can an email signature do for you? Every email you send on a day to day basis can support your overall online business health. You have the opportunity to get more visits to your website and latest blog posts with an easy 15 minutes setup, like you say in the video. If you have a VA (Virtual Assistant) this is a task they can do this for you.

This is what I call an integrated strategy. It’s built into what you’re already doing. That’s what makes it so powerful. You don’t have to go out and spend weeks creating something.

Drive traffic. Increase social sharing. Build your tribe. Share the love. You’ve got this!

Let’s hear it. Do you leverage your email signature? What’s one thing you’d like to include in your email signature now? Share with me below, let’s talk about it 🙂