Twitter Success The Easy Way

Once you have started using Twitter you will quickly see its potential and the hard part really starts. How in the world do you maintain this account, keep in touch with your followers and offer great content? Now is the perfect time to integrate Seesmic, a wonderful tool for Twitter.

Keep in Touch with Your Followers

Start by setting up your ‘userlists’. This is a wonderful way to group your followers however you want. Separate your followers by location, by profession, by niche, your mentors, your competitors, anyway to make your campaign more efficient. Oh, and I forgot to mention you can have as many ‘userlists’ as you need.

Monitor Your Business

Use the search feature within Seesmic to follow your brand on Twitter. Knowing what people are saying about you when it happens is vital. This can help tremendously with reputation management. Thanking the good responses is wonderful etiquette and addressing negative comments immediately is a must. This same concept can be applied to your hashtag. Create a search for it and monitor it’s usage by the community.

Track the Links You Post

If you have an account set up with any of the shortening URL services you can add your account information and track your click throughs. This is very important. You want to know what people are clicking on and what they’re not. This will help you determine what people want so you can offer more of what they want.

Instant Access to All Your Account Tweets

From the sent messages, to the direct messages, at replies and your favorites, Seesmic brings all of them to your fingertips. You won’t even have to visit the Twitter site to see all these tweets.

Follow, Unfollow, Block and Favorite

Expanding your Twitter network just got easier. From within this application you can follow, unfollow, and block users. If you see a tweet you like you can RT (retweet) it, favorite it, DM (direct message) the user and at reply to the user. To make your tweeting even easier Seesmic will shorten your text if you need help fitting your message into 140 characters.

Don’t Forget About Facebook

Yes you can monitor your Facebook account as well. Post right from the desktop application, watch what your friends are posting and reply to them too. The newest addition is the ability to post to your Facebook fan pages.
With all these features in one easy to access place your social media just got easier. You can leave the application running all day if you want to keep an eye on the activity as you work. If that is too distracting and time consuming you can easily check it once or twice a day and keep up to date with your followers that way. Easy and customizable, the best Twitter tool for effective twittering.