As some of you know I launched my new monthly newsletter theme this year, Socially Savvy (grab your subscription to the top right, and get my special report). I’ve had a blast on the last few issues! While prepping for this year I thought, now here’s a great blog post! So here we go, a few must do’s to prepare for your newsletter.

What system are you going to use to distribute your newsletter? When you’re searching for a provider for your business you may want to “date” a few before you commit. Most companies are offering a trial period for a low cost that will let you check out the inter workings. I recommend you sign up for a few that you have been considering and play around with the system. Then you’ll have more information to make an educated decision. Two systems that I recommend are 1ShoppingCart and Aweber.

I’m sure you’ve seen a wide range of ideas from businesses you follow. Some you love, some not so much. Think about what fits you and your business best. You are the person who is going to have to keep up with this every month…so be sure you love it! Also consider the amount of content you plan on sharing every month. If you have too many content pieces to keep up with frustration may set in. Love your layout and be excited about the content you’re going to share with everyone.

Video Newsletter
There are some awesome video newsletters out there right now, I love Marie Forleo’s! If you’re comfortable with video this could be really fun and engaging for your peeps.

How often do you want to publish a newsletter, once a week or once a month? Think about the amount of time this take from your schedule. Be sure you can commit that time to creating quality content.

Publishing Calendar
Once you’ve worked out what you want in each issue and how often you’re publishing it, consider creating a publishing calendar. Plan long term and make the commitment. Do you want to hold a spot for affiliate opportunities? Factor in any launches you have planned and think about all the other content you have going out on the internet. Everything you publish should work together in harmony.

Spontaneous Moments
Ah yes, don’t forget those times when you have a light bulb moment and have to share something with your list. Have a simple template in your email system where you can plop in some yummy message and send it off! Simple, stress-free and easy…that’s what you’ll need šŸ™‚

There you have it 6 things to consider when getting ready to launch your newsletter.