The Perfect 2 Minute Video

The Perfect 2 Minute Video

Video marketing is fun and really engaging for your audience. But, do you find it difficult figuring out what all to say? Here’s 7 components to create the perfect 2 minute video. Don’t worry if your previous videos didn’t contain some of these, you can easily add them now and get more results from your video marketing.

The Perfect 2 Minute Video by

5 comments on «The Perfect 2 Minute Video»

  1. David Boyes says:

    Short, sweet and helpful. I’m going to use this.

    1. Glad this was helpful David! I’ll watch on Twitter for new videos from you 🙂

  2. Dina Eisenberg says:

    Erin- thanks, you make this sound Dina-proof !

    1. LOL Dina I LOVE that 🙂 So happy to help.

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