Do you love blogging or is it more of a chore for your business? I personally enjoy blogging, but what I enjoy even more is the interaction that comes with blogging. See once you into a blogging schedule and share your message and information with the right people blogging becomes fun! So today I want to share a few ways you can get more exposure for your blog.

So what do I mean by integrated blog marketing anyway? It is using your blog as the “hub” of your social media and web marketing activities. Using it strategically with your other online channels to generate more traffic back to your site.

Think of all the social sites you are a part of… Now these are the sites where the viral magic can happen.

Facebook, share your blog posts on Facebook. Ask questions to get the engagment started and drive them to your site.

LinkedIn, share your blog post as a status update and share it has news with your groups. Great exposure here.

Twitter, share your blog posts and use hashtags to increase exposure even more.

Podcasting, integrate blog posts into your podcasts. Doing this might be easier than you think. When you are covering a topic that you also have a blog post on mention to visit your blog for a bit more details on the that subject. Drive them there and tell them to post their questions in the comments on that post.

Niche Social Networks, I’m sure many of you have profiles on a few niche social sites as well. Be sure you are regularly engage those sites and share your blog content.

Social Bookmarking Sites, these are great tools for your blog. Be sure you have a system in place to bookmark your blog posts after you publish them.

RSS, let people subscribe to your blog. Offer them several ways to that, via email and via the RSS feed. Some of your visitors will like the updates to come their inbox while others may have an RSS reader they prefer. Don’t miss either audience, use both 🙂

YouTube, video is HUGE right now. The personal interaction and connetion that video gives your visitors is priceless. Share your message via video as well text blog posts.

Website Product and Services, when appropiate be sure to interlink to your website static pages. This is a great practice to do regularly, it will being to increase your onsite SEO and help visitors navigate and explore your website.

There are many ways to use integrated blog marketing to increase exposure to your blog. Have fun, make connections and drive more traffic to your site! What other practices do you use for your blog?