HootSuite Integrates Google+ Pages

HootSuite Integrates Google+ Pages

Yep, we can now schedule to our Google+ Pages with HootSuite. This makes my day! I know I personally haven’t used Google+ as much as I’d like…and the reason being, I didn’t have a tool that fit into my schedule. That meant I had to go to the network directly, and most of you know I have systems in place that save me hours every day…so I seldom made it over to my Google+ space. Well, that will all change now 🙂

Let’s hear it straight from the source, HootSuite:

Google+ Pages For Brand Engagement

Google+ launched new Google+ Pages for brands to have a unique and nuanced engagement experience with audiences.

With Google+ Pages integration, marketing managers and socially strategic organizations are offered new ways of managing connections with customers within the HootSuite dashboard for lead generation, HR recruiting, support, brand awareness and social campaigns.

Targeted Publishing with Circles

Google+ Pages in the HootSuite dashboard allow brands to tailor messaging to specific audience segments and post updates to selected circles. HootSuite privacy features let Team Members select whether a post will appear public, or whether it will post to a specific circle.

Image by HootSuite

Advanced Circle Management

Brands can now collaboratively build out their Google+ Page presence using HootSuite’s advanced team workflow functionality – such as message assignments and follow ups – optimizing the unique engagement benefits of Google+ circles.

Image by HootSuite

The functionality also allows for custom searches of keywords or phrases within public posts and specific content streams for easy monitoring. By simplifying the monitoring of comments and posts from audience members, teams can streamline +Pages management easily through the HootSuite dashboard.

Google+ Pages are for anyone who wants build lasting relationships with customers, and are the centrepiece for brands, businesses and celebrities who want to build a presence on Google+.

Social media teams can now fully utilize the advanced capabilities of HootSuite’s engagement, measurement, collaboration and security tool-set to manage the unique brand-focused environment of Google+ Pages for:

  • Targeted Publishing with Circles
  • Advanced Circle Management

HootSuite - Social Media ManagementGuys this is great stuff! I have not found any other tools to schedule posts for Google+ link this one.

If you’re not using HootSuite I highly recommend them, personally use them and have all my clients use them 🙂

4 comments on «HootSuite Integrates Google+ Pages»

  1. I’ve upgraded to Pro to see if that makes any difference but I just can’t get it to synch the G page to a hootsuite tab. I’ve tried to see hootsuite is an account I can add in my google account settings, but it’s not listed.

    1. You can add a Google+ page, but not a profile. When you add the page be sure you have the check box checked to add a new tab and you should be good to go. HootSuites support team is awesome, if you still have trouble getting your account to sync send them a quick email and they’ll get you all taken care of.

  2. Leah says:

    Hi Erin –
    I have been unsuccessful in posting or scheduling images with accompanying text and/or links to my g+ page via HootSuite. Do you know if this functionality is missing, has changed, or is simply not available?

    1. Hi Leah, yes this feature still works and I use it regularly. A few things that can be putting a snag in the road:
      * You can only post to a professional page and not a personal profile.
      * If you have a free account you can only have 5 profiles, so if your maxed you will have to upgrade your account before you can add your Google+ Page.
      * If you use 2-step verification on your Google account you will need to setup an application specific password.

      Those are the things I see get in the way most times. If the problem continues feel free to reach out to HootSuite’s support, they are amazing!

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