Here is a wonderful video with Mari Smith. She gives you her top tools AND how she uses them. Watch this video and get some great ideas that you can implement into your business!

Mari covers these great online tools she uses:
Google Alerts – Get custom alerts in your inbox.
Google Reader – Keep up with blogs that are important to you.
Facebook – Friends, Friends Lists, Fan Page lists and more! There are great ways to find content.
Twitter Lists – Keep your lists up to date and check thought leaders in your industry for great content
Hootsuite – A wonderful online tool for sharing content across multiple social profiles. – This is an awesome new social site, a lot like a newspaper. – Keep up on all the blogs that are important to you and share those blogs with others.
and finally Mobile applications! Mari gives you a few of her favorite applications.

What other tools do you use to find great content to share with your audience?