We’ve all been there, yes even me! Where you feel like you’ve spent nearly all day on Facebook or Twitter yet you haven’t accomplished a darn thing. That’s the worst feeling!

Now wouldn’t it be great to log into Facebook or Twitter spend about 10 or 15 minutes on each site and really connect with people and build your authority? I’m going to share 5 foundations you can start putting into place today that will save you hours every week.

  1. Delegate – there are definitely tasks you can outsource to a trained professional. You don’t want to outsource your personality of course. But consider tasks that need to be done, but not by you personally. Let’s take a look a few ideas: weekly or monthly post scheduling, customer service questions to your profiles, JV or affiliate requests, posting events and inviting friends and fans, and inbox management.
  2. Boundaries – put in place specific rules for yourself, and your team if it applies. If you put some delegation into place be sure there are clear guidelines in place so both you and your team are clear on what needs to be handled and how it is to be handled so nothing falls between the cracks. What does that mean? If you have a professional scheduling your social media posts, have a process in place were its clear when the content will be given to them, how will it be provided (I personally love to use Google Docs for team collaboration) and how will all this be tracked. Perhaps your team is also handling customer service and inbox management; should requests be handled online or should the prospect be directed to email – or will it be a combo? In what cases should email be necessary? How often is your team to check your inbox for messages, maybe once a week? Are they to forward them to you for review, or respond to some if possible and keep you in the loop with a weekly update?
  3. Lists – create several lists for your accounts to save time everyday. On Facebook you can create Friend Lists, I have quite a few of these in place. Here’s some ideas to get you started; a list for thought leaders, one for close friends and family, a list of joint ventures, and possibly a list of Facebook pages you want to closely follow.
    On Twitter you can have lists as well. I have both public (these lists are visible on my profile) and private (I am the only one who can see these) lists. You can have lists very similar to the ones I just listed for Facebook. Once you have the lists in place be sure to start using them. I save a TON of time by using these more often then scrolling down the live home feeds of each network.
  4. Vetting – this is a big time saver for me. This is a big one! I use Social Oomph to vet all new Twitter followers, and actually this is a task I have my assistant help me with. When someone new follows me the system does not follow the person back right away. Instead it places everyone in a queue for me to review. I review this list Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If the person appears to be a spammer or does not have a profile picture, or for another specific reason I choose not to follow them. Everyone else I chose to follow. This helps to keep my network completely targeted!
    I do something similar with Facebook, when I receive a friend request I do not simply hit accept. I go to the person’s profile and see who they are and what they’re interests are. If we have something in common then I can approve, otherwise if I don’t find something of common interest I will likely not accept. For me personally I want people to connect with my fan page over my personal profile.
  5. Targeted Audience – nothing can waste more time then questions or concerns from people that are not your ideal client. You want your message to reach the right people, and have a meaningful impact on their life or business. By maintaining a targeted audience your message will have a much greater impact on your connections and they will likely share it with their connections!

Start working on at least two of these items this week. And put the other items on your calendar to work on as well. Once you have these 5 foundations in place you will see time wasting dwindle down to almost nothing.